Getting ready for the NON TOXIC REVOLUTION party / gallery / event whatever you want to call it at THIS Gallery in Los Angeles. It will be a combination of good things from Patrick O’Dell, Shepard Fairey, and all of us here at Keep A Breast Foundation. Hope you can make it!

NTR embarked on a 8 city street art campaign to help inspire and educate young people about toxic chemicals infecting our food, products, and environment with help from Shepard Fairey and Studio Number One with limited edition poster sets for the different aspects of the campaign and your life including: Your House, Your Mouth, Your Body, Plastic Sucks, and Heart and Soul.

The tour has come to an end and we are celebrating in Los Angeles! The Non Toxic Revolution Campaign will be erecting 6 separate street art installations from Venice to Downtown as well as raising awareness and planting seeds with a 3 art week installations and street side urban renewal at THIS gallery including imagery from Studio Number One and photography from the NTR campaign by Patrick O’Dell.

The limited edition poster sets will also be available at the exhibition.

The exhibition is FREE, all ages and open to the public!

See you there!!

Question (Mellow Orange / Analogue Studies)
Jamie Huntington

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