Test Shots

Lifted from Hype Beast.

‘Australian model-turned-actress Sibylla Deen is the latest subject to get the test shot treatment from photographer Jake Davis, who is quickly making these short, stylized slow-motion videos his signature. Modeling the latest California Running collection for K-SWISS, Sibylla flaunts her stuff while showing off a vintage yellow athletic jersey from the line. For those of you paying more attention to the jersey than the girl, the California Running collection is available now at Partners & Spade.’

Using the obvious, another attack on the inner pig of human kind. Obviously we know what sells the most. Slow motion accentuates it. Will it make you buy? Will it make you think K-SWISS is cool again? Maybe? I guess that is the biggest question, and what keeps adverstising in business. – PN

Jake Davis Test Shots: Sibylla Deen from Jake Davis on Vimeo.


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